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G.K International School established in the year 2013. The founder of the school is Mrs. P. Subapriya a great visionary wanted to build up a school with excellence as its watchword in all aspects. The school at Old Washermenpet, Chennai mainly caters to the Educational needs of the suburb and now trying to have a growth of meaningful nature synonymous with the new global order by being flexible and adaptable to the current day changes.

It is giving education to students from Pre KG to Std.V, this institution stands out with an ambience conducive to learning, G.K International School follows a unique curriculum that provides a clear-sighted academics, vocational training and extracurricular activities that include sports, yoga, dance, abacus, fine arts, etc. Further, a special emphasis placed on personality development, communication skills and character building ensures holistic development of the student.

Objectives of our School
  Ability of reading, writing and arithmetic is trained, inculcated and developed in the child in primary education. This is considered as the foundation for all of the intellectual developments in future.
  Humanities subjects are introduced in the curriculum in order to make the child acquainted with the human world.
  Study of the natural environment, its biological and physical world is introduced in primary education in order to whet and satisfy natural curiosity of the child.
  Handwork or/and craftwork usually find a place in the curriculum with a view to help develop manual deftness and effectual use of one’s hands. Artful or cultural activities like music and dance, drawing and painting are introduced to children in primary school with a view to give creative shape to their imagination.
  Elementary knowledge of health and hygiene is treated as an essential pre-requisite in primary education for keeping the child’s physical health in the utmost condition.
  Group play and group activities make up a large percentage of play-time and are encouraged with a view to develop social adjustment skills and social participation skills of the child.
  Moral education is introduced as a vital part of the curriculum in order to help mold and develop moral sentiment and positive outlook in the early personality of the primary school-going child.

We will be using this medium to update our happenings in school, we encourage all the viewers to visit our site quite often and encourage us with your support.

Management Committee
Ms. P . Subapriya
Correspondent and principal
Mr . S Parthiban
Mr V. N Madhan
Ms. R. Renuka
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