Rules & Regulations

School Prayer

Gentle God meek and miled
Look at me a little Child
When I study work and Play
Be with me all the day

School Timings

First Bell : 9.00 am Second Bell : 9.10am

Assembly Starts at 9.20am

Class Timings

Pre.KG : 9.00 am to 12.30 pm
L.K.G : 9.00 am to 03.00 Pm
U.K.G : 9.00 am to 03.00 Pm
From STD. I To V : 9.00 am to 3.30 Pm


For Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Boys : Red Coloured Pant with Red Checked Shirt, Black Shoes with Black Socks.

Girs : Red Coloured Pinafore with Red Checked Shirt and Black Shoes and Black

For Wednesday

Purple Color uniform and White shoes with White Socks.
    The Golden rules for students

Always speak truth

Be punctual to school

Do your home work reqularly

Get your doubts cleared then there

Come to school in neat and full uniform

Keep your words soft and sweet

Develop neat hand writing

Respect your teachers, Parents and elders

Do not think at a time and do it well

Do not destroy school property

Keep your books and note books neatly

Learn to use “Please” and “Excuse Me” while talking to anyone.
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